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When A Bare Bottom Spanking Is Too Loud

There are nights when Q decides that i am in need of a punishment or

a maintenance spanking....but with our son asleep in the other room...

Q's creative alternative is to cover my face with Her pantie clad bottom...

so that my yelps won't be heard....and She proceeds to give me a ball spanking.

With much less smacking noise...and my face buried beneath Her lovely rear....

Q can administer Her corrective guidance....quite effectively i might add....

And no matter the pain....(and there is loads of pain!)....i always end up

with an erection by the time She's through....so i am left for the night

with a leaking hardon....a set of sore balls....and whatever scolding my Wife

deemed necessary! 

(and sometimes She just does this to amuse Herself as well!!!)

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